Monday, 11 February 2013

A Change Will Do You Good

Change is a fascinating beast, whether it is by choice or by nature. While we may not be able to always predict when change is coming, navigating a transition is the perfect opportunity to explore and understand one’s sense of diversity and inclusion.   

In the upcoming weeks, you may notice some changes made to our social media voice. Global Learning is very excited to introduce you to Breanna Rothe. A young, vibrant mom of two with a background in sociology and women and gender studies, Bre will be stepping into the role of “Director, Social Media and Research” for Global Learning.  We are thrilled to have Bre joining our team. 

I asked Bre to share with us some of her thoughts on taking over the reins for Global Learning’s popular Social Media voice:

 “I am honoured and excited to have the opportunity to join such an innovative team, that has such integrity and forward thinking. I am eager to find my voice in the social media realm and look forward to sharing my ideas and passions with the Global Learning community”.

Not only will Bre be coordinating our social media presence, but also keep an eye out for her own Global Learning perspective to be featured on the Difference at Work blog.   

As we launch into a new social media era of our own, I thought this might be a great opportunity to offer my thanks to all of our friends, fans, and followers who have connected with us along the way. These very connections are what have inspired us to operate as a connector of people. The more we each seek to connect with one another, the more we see opportunities for unexpected innovation. I will always champion the use of social media as a tool to that connection and innovation. 

In addition to Bre offering her own blogs through Difference at Work, along with mine, I have invited a number of guest bloggers to join the Difference at Work conversation in 2013. We also encourage you to email us your blogs, thoughts and musings as we look to be a vehicle for “differences at work” and our community of practice. Diversity is about community and our community is filled with diversity, leadership and H.R. thought leaders. Send us your writings and, after review, we would be honoured to share them with our social media community, as an official Difference at Work release.

We never could have imagined two years ago that our back-burner thought to jump into the Twittersphere would ever have led to the valuable and innovative connections we have made. Every day we are enlightened by the connections we have made through social media. We are proud of the opportunities that have been granted to us because we took the time to engage.  

While we plan to maintain the bold and proud social media stance we have taken the time to build over the last several years, the changes ahead are absolutely thrilling as we celebrate the “power of possibilities” at Global Learning. 

“I think accepting change is quite as important as defending the past.” – Downton Abbey

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