Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Global Learning is Proud to Announce the Launch of Our Latest Mobile App, Diversity Now

100% free to the public, Diversity Now TM is an automatic and manual aggregation tool which curates high-quality, digital content from thought-leaders dedicated to diversity, human resources, and leadership. The app is currently available on the App Store and Google Play, with a version for BlackBerry’s App World scheduled for release in the coming month.

“With sharing capabilities built directly into the app, Diversity Now TM is a fantastic tool for social media professionals and practitioners constantly on the hunt for "just-in-time" diversity content“ says Michael Mastroddi, VP Social Media for Global Learning. In less than one year, Global Learning gained over 6,500 ‘natural’ followers, fans, and friends across our diverse social media accounts. By ‘natural’, I mean actual legitimate social media accounts; all spam followers are removed, and we don’t stand by the practice of purchasing followers.”

This fast-growing following was gained through Global Learning’s daily dedication to seeking out and amplifying the latest thought-leading current events, blogs, videos, podcasts, studies, and press releases – all dedicated to global diversity, human resources, and leadership. Global Learning averages an approximate minimum of 2,500 re-tweets, shares and +1’s of their social media content every 90 days.

“It became clear to us over this last year,” says Mastroddi, “that there is an active, intelligent audience continuously seeking this content.”

Wanting to bring the same curation they offer via social media to a wider audience, Global Learning set out to find a mobile app specifically dedicated to gathering diversity content from multiple sources. There were ample amounts of apps promoting singular voices; however, no such app existed that gathered all of this content into one place, and that was purely dedicated to diversity, human resources, and leadership.

Out of over 600,000+ apps currently available to mobile device users, Diversity Now TM is the only app on the market that is dedicated solely to the aggregation of diversity, human resources, and leadership content from multiple high-quality sources, and curates them in one place. 

Diversity Now TM features the content from such thought leading organizations as the Human Rights Campaign, SHRM WeKnowNext, the Maytree Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, Difference at Work, the Glass Hammer, and many more.

“While the information being provided is insightful and incredibly useful, what is truly astounding are the personalized connections that we have made through social media,” says CEO and Founder of Global Learning, Elaine Newman. “I believe to understand diversity is to understand the “power of possibilities”. We wanted to create this app not only as a tool to connect users with this great information, but also as a way to connect them with the brilliant change-agents creating this information. The more people and places we can direct our users to, the more possibilities there will be in creating actual change. I work with brands every day that are spending thousands of dollars on diversity initiatives that are receiving minimal recognition and impact with their customers.”

“We see Diversity Now TM as the perfect opportunity to help broaden the diversity brand message of thought-leader or thought-leading organizations. Change doesn’t work in a vacuum; you have to tell people what you are doing. Diversity Now TM has the capability to do so, and do so instantly.”

If you are interested in having your organization listed as an official sponsor or endorser of Diversity Now TM, please contact Elaine Newman for more information.

 More about the Global Learning Group of Companies

Founded in 1996 and led by CEO Elaine Newman, the Global Learning Group of Companies offers strategic consulting and training solutions to employers striving for success in today’s diverse business environment. They are known internationally for their widely used, innovative e-Learning tool, Diversity Moments TM.

Working with public and private organizations, Global Learning identifies, assesses, and resolves organizational issues, specifically in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Global Learning has built a strong reputation from knowing how to partner and collaborate with organizations, helping them achieve individualized success.

Contact: Elaine Newman, CEO
Phone: (416) 488-0175 Email: Twitter: @eGlobalLearning


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